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2 Broke Girls (stylized as 2 BROKE GIRL$) is an American television sitcom that debuted on CBS during the 2011–12 television season. The series follows the misadventures of roommates Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs), both financially poor, and their efforts to start a cupcake business in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, New York.



# Image Title Airdate
01 About Pilot September 19, 2011
Max, a hard working waitress, soon finds herself helping out Caroline, a new waitress who was once wealthy, but has been left with nothing after her father's crimes. Max invites Caroline to be her roommate, but their new friendship is put in jeopardy when Max's boyfriend hits on Caroline.
02 And-The-Break-Up-Scene And the Break-Up Scene September 26, 2011
Caroline thinks she's doing Max a favor when she takes it upon herself to facilitate her break-up with Robbie. This leads to an increasing dispute over boundaries that threatens to end their new friendship, however in the end a very drunk Caroline apologizes to Max and they fall asleep together.
03 And-the-strokes-of-goodwill And Strokes of Goodwill October 3, 2011
Max takes Caroline thrift shopping. After seeing a shirt stolen from Max's basket worn by another woman, Caroline persists in standing up for Max despite her indifference, and the two try to reconcile their different notions of what girlfriends do and don't do for each other. A struggling street artist, Johnny, catches Max's attention with his similarly sarcastic sense of humor.
04 And-the-Rich-People-Problems And the Rich People Problems October 10, 2011
Max is for once overwhelmed and impressed when she sees how Caroline once lived when the two break into her old townhouse to retrieve her night guard. She insists on staying to enjoy the bath, and begins to realize that despite their very different upbringings Caroline has a lot in common with her. At the diner, Han installs a karaoke machine.
05 And-the-90s-Horse-Party And the '90s Horse Party October 17, 2011
After discovering how many debts Max is dodging, Caroline resolves to clean up her roommate's credit by repaying a student loan. They decide to hold a '90s party at the diner when they discover that the hipsters will pay large sums of money to ride the horse. Things go awry when Caroline's former boyfriend shows up.
06 And-the-disappearing-bed And the Disappearing Bed October 24, 2011
Different events test Caroline and Max's ability to do things for themselves. Caroline had solicited Johnny to help her assemble a Murphy bed she got for the apartment, but Max challenges her to do it herself so that she can follow up on a "weird" interaction between herself and Johnny at the diner. Max herself tries to work up the courage to give Peach a business card for the cupcake business.
07 And-the-pretty-problem And the Pretty Problem October 31, 2011
When Caroline's effort to sell cupcakes to a trendy new coffee shop in the neighborhood fails after the owner says they aren't pretty enough, she persuades Max to take a cupcake-decorating class. Max, however, is despondent over her ability to meet the standards of the obnoxious instructors.
08 And-Hoarder-Culture And Hoarder Culture November 7, 2011
Max and Caroline take a job cleaning a hoarder's apartment for the extra money and find items they can sell. While out with Johnny spray painting a billboard, Max tries to kiss him but is unsuccessful. Later, on the street, she runs into him with a woman named Cashandra ("Cash"), whom he introduces as his girlfriend.
09 And-the-really-petty-cash And the Really Petty Cash November 14, 2011
Johnny apologizes to Max for not telling her about his girlfriend, but Max is despondent nonetheless. Cash then hires Max and Caroline to make cupcakes for an art show at which Johnny's painting of he and Max in a passionate embrace is among the works shown. The two soon realize that Cashandra is trying to make a point to Max and must choose between their money and their dignity
10 And-the-very-christmas-thanksgiving And the Very Christmas Thanksgiving November 21, 2011
Caroline and Max spend Caroline's first broke holiday season working as elves at a department store's Santaland to earn extra money. Max is initially cynical about Christmas, while Caroline, filled with happy childhood memories, is enthusiastic. However, when her hopes of seeing her father are dashed, and Max is unexpectedly promoted to playing Mrs. Claus, their viewpoints change.
11 And-The-Reality-Check And the Reality Check December 5, 2011
With winter approaching, Max persuades Caroline that Chestnut can't live in their backyard anymore. But Caroline balks at her plan to persuade Peach to adopt Chestnut, since it is part of Peach's scheme to get cast in The Real Housewives of TriBeCa.
12 2BrokeGirlsseason1e12 And the Pop-Up Sale December 12, 2011
After Max and Caroline struggle to light the pilot light of their oven, Caroline tries to raise money for a new one by selling her jewelry, first at the cash for gold store and then at the upscale jewelry stores she once frequented. Encountering hostility from a clerk who remembers Caroline all too well, the pair decide the best option is a pop-up sale in the women's bathroom. Caroline abandons Max there with some wealthy Arab women when some of her former friends recognize her and ask her to lunch, severely testing their friendship.
13 And-The-Secret-Ingredient And the Secret Ingredient January 2, 2012
Max starts a protest when Han triples the price of tampons in the diner's restroom. Caroline discovers the secret ingredient to Max's cupcakes and develops a new obsession: couponing.
14 And-the-upstairs-neighbor And the Upstairs Neighbor January 16, 2012
Max and Caroline are suspicious of the new upstairs neighbor, Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge), who moves in after the old tenant dies. Their attempts to make friends with her backfire, and they fear that she will report them to the landlord as illegal sub-letters.
15 And-the-blind-spot And the Blind Spot February 16, 2012
Sophie tests Max and Caroline to see if they're adept enough to work as maids for her cleaning business. She is impressed by Max but not Caroline, and suggests privately to Max that Caroline is holding her back and she should let go of her. Max resists the suggestion at first but, when Caroline carelessly ruins a batch of cupcakes, finds herself wondering if Sophie has a point.
16 And the Broken Hearts And the Broken Hearts February 13, 2012
Caroline and Max find themselves spending Valentine's Day in the E.R. when Earl has a heart attack, after being overwhelmed by Sophie's beauty. While there, Caroline attempts to rekindle an old relationship.
17 And the kosher cupcakes And the Kosher Cupcakes February 20, 2012
Max and Caroline have to make kosher cupcakes for an Orthodox Jewish family's bar mitzvah. Meanwhile, Caroline worries she might be getting sick, since she lacks the resources she used to have to deal with health problems.
18 And the one night stand And the One-Night Stands February 27, 2012
After a surprise birthday party for Caroline bombs, Max runs into an ex-boyfriend when she accompanies Caroline to visit her father in jail.
19 And the spring break And the Spring Break March 19, 2012
Max and Caroline take a spring getaway dog-sitting at a gay couple's posh apartment. A series of parties tempts Caroline with reminders of her former life.
20 And the drug money And the Drug Money April 9, 2012
Caroline's old family lawyer stops by to tell her she's being deposed by the prosecution in her father's case. Since he cannot represent her for free, Max convinces Caroline to partake in a clinical drug trial in an effort to raise money for his fee.
21 And the messy purse smackdown And the Messy Purse Smackdown April 16, 2012
After Caroline helps Earl save money on his taxes, Max asks her roommate to help her. Caroline does, but discovers that Max has never filed a tax return. Her efforts to help Max organize her finances put the two at odds, and risk of missing the midnight deadline.
22 And the Big Buttercream Breakthrough And the Big Buttercream Breakthrough April 30, 2012
Max and Caroline must deliver perfect cupcakes to Peach's socialite friends if Max wants to keep her babysitting job. However, they get ruined after a subway delay, and Max must make some choices about her future.
23 And martha stewart have a ball pt1 And Martha Stewart Have a Ball (Part 1) May 7, 2012
A major opportunity for Max and Caroline falls through when her father's move to a new prison brings her story into the news again. Caroline lies in bed depressed until Max brings Chestnut to cheer her up. After learning Martha Stewart will be attending the Met Ball, they concoct a scheme to get her to try their cupcakes. Max's mood is then affected when Johnny, whose art has become more successful, comes into the diner to say goodbye to her as he's moving to Manhattan and getting married.
24 And martha stewert have a ball And Martha Stewart Have a Ball (Part 2) May 7, 2012
After Sophie helps them get proper evening clothing, the girls are forced to ride Chestnut to the ball when Oleg's car breaks down. They are stymied by the same party planner who rejected them in Part 1, as Caroline is not on the list. Max, however, comes up with a plan to sneak in.

# Image Title Airdate
01 And The Hidden Stash 2 And the Hidden Stash September 24, 2012
Max accompanies Caroline to jail to visit with her father, and he encourages them to buy a specific item at the Channing Estate sale.
02 250px And the Pearl Necklace October 1, 2012
Caroline misplaces her lucky charm and searches frantically to find it. Meanwhile, the two girls hold out hope of hearing back from Martha Stewart, who recently tasted and enjoyed one of their signature cupcakes.
03 250px And the Hold-Up October 8, 2012
Max and Caroline show their true colors when the diner gets robbed. Meanwhile, everyone sees a surprising new side of Han.
04 250px And the Cupcake War October 15, 2012
Caroline and Max take their business to the next level by auditioning for the show "Cupcake Wars."
05 250px And the Pre-Approved Credit Card November 5, 2012
A new pre-approved credit card causes strife between Max and Caroline, who have different opinions on what to charge on it. Meanwhile, Earl's estranged son arrives in the Big Apple with hopes of becoming a stand-up comedian.
06 250px And the Candy Manwich November 12, 2012
A handsome owner of a candy store is sweet on Caroline, but she's too embarrassed to see him after a humiliating experience in his store.
07 250px And the Three Boys With Wood November 19, 2012
Max and Caroline enlist two Amish boys who are exploring the modern world to build a barn for Chestnut. Meanwhile, Candy Andy discovers Caroline's ex-billionaire identity.
08 250px And the Egg Special November 26, 2012
Max and Caroline cook up a surprising fundraising solution when a potential storefront for Max’s Homemade Cupcakes becomes available for rent
09 250px And the New Boss December 3, 2012
Caroline and Max hire an intern (Abby Elliott) to deal with some of the dirty work as they get ready to open their new cupcake shop; Max struggles with her managerial role.
10 250px And the Big Opening December 10, 2012
Max and Caroline host a grand opening celebration at their new cupcake shop, and Max invites her former flames to show off her success.
11 250px And the Silent Partner December 10, 2012
When Max asks Sophie to be a silent partner in the cupcake business, Caroline and Sophie clash.
12 250px And the High Holidays December 17, 2012
Desperate for a way to pay their overdue rent, Max and Caroline get involved with a group of sketchy customers willing to pay top dollar for their cupcakes.
13 250px And the Bear Truth January 14, 2013
A relaxing getaway for two becomes an awkward vacation for three when Max, Caroline and Andy spend a weekend together in a cabin in the woods.
14 250px And Too Little Sleep January 21, 2013
Everybody from the diner helps Caroline and Max bake all night to fulfill a very large cupcake order.
15 250px And the Psychic Shakedown February 4, 2013
After discovering that Candy Andy closed up his shop following their breakup, Caroline visits a psychic for a reading about her future love life.
16 250px And Just Plane Magic February 11, 2013
Max meets a guy who works for a record label who becomes so smitten with her that he offers to fly her and Caroline to Los Angeles for the Grammys on a private plane.
17 250px And the Broken Hip February 18, 2013
Max and Caroline pay a high price for attempting to remove a street performer away from the entry to their cupcake shop.
18 250px And Not-So-Sweet Charity February 25, 2013
Max and Caroline try to save their cupcake shop by asking Caroline's rich-but-callous aunt for money.
19 250px And the Temporary Distraction March 18, 2013
When the ladies take office temp jobs, Caroline tries to climb the corporate ladder and Max is hit on by the boss.
20 250px And the Big Hole March 25, 2013
Caroline is fired after insulting the diner; Max tries to persuade her to make amends.
21 250px And the Worst Selfie Ever April 15, 2013
Caroline panics when she develops a rash after a night with her ex-boyfriend, Andy.
22 250px And the Extra Work April 29, 2013
When Caroline and Max work as extras on a popular TV show, Caroline lands a more substantial role—with strings attached.
23 250px And the Tip Slip May 6, 2013
Caroline and Max track down woman who used to work for Martin Channing who is being paid to write a tell-all book in which she claims they were lovers.
24 250px And the Window of Opportunity May 13, 2013
As Caroline and Max deep-clean part of the diner for Han before a health inspection, they make a discovery that could help relaunch their cupcake business.

# Image Title Airdate
01 And the Soft Opening 1 And the Soft Opening September 23, 2013
Business booms for Max and Caroline's new cupcake walk-up window when word spreads about a shocking incident involving a rock star.
02 And the Kickstarter 5 And the Kickstarter September 30, 2013 
Caroline tries to raise money for an expensive pair of new pants through an online fundraising site. Meanwhile, Max's new smartphone comes between her and Caroline. 
03 And the Kitty Kitty Spank Spank And the Kitty Kitty Spank Spank October 7, 2013
When Max becomes smitten with an old stray cat that's been hanging around the apartment, Caroline tries to convince her they need to find it a better home. But just when they think they've found one, the cat's fate takes a turn. 
04 And the Group Head And the Group Head October 14, 2013
When Max and Caroline can't figure out how to use the new cappuccino maker they bought for their cupcake business, they take temporary side jobs as baristas at a coffee house to learn the ropes.
05 And the Cronuts 4 And the Cronuts October 21, 2013 
When Max and Caroline start losing business to the new cronut craze (half-croissant, half-donut), they come up with their own trend - cake fries. 
06 And the Piece of Sheet 3 And the Piece of Sheet October 28, 2013 
Feeling guilty for buying hair extensions with their joint funds, Caroline splurges on a new bedding set for Max but gives the old one to charity, not realizing her old pillowcase has sentimental value. 
07 And the Girlfriend Experience 03 And the Girlfriend Experience  November 4, 2013
After Han emails photos of a stripper's face to his mother claiming she's his girlfriend, he begs Max and Caroline to find her and convince her to play his girlfriend when his mother arrives from Korea.
08 And the It Hole 2 And the 'It' Hole  November 11, 2013 
When Caroline's date is a no-show after promising to take her to one of the city's hippest new restaurants, she and Max decide to take advantage of the hard-to-get reservation.
09 250px And the Pastry Porn  November 18, 2013 
Max decides to apply to the Manhattan School of Pastry and bakes a tart for her entrance exam.
10 250px And the First Day of School November 25, 2013
Max attempts to make a good impression on her first day of pastry school, but finds the class clown to be extremely distracting - and intriguing. Meanwhile, Caroline dresses to impress Max's handsome teacher, Nicolas.
11 250px And the Life After Death December 2, 2013 
Caroline attends her former nanny's funeral, thinking the family will be honored to have her, but quickly finds out they have no idea who she is. 
12 250px And the French Kiss December 16, 2013
After an incredible make-out session with Max's pastry school teacher, Chef Nicolas, Caroline finds out something that makes her wish it never happened.
13 250px And the Big But January 13, 2014
Max finds herself wanting to be more than just friends with her pastry school partner, Deke. Meanwhile, Caroline's still "hot for teacher" - the still-married Chef Nicolas.
14 250px And the Dumpster Sex January 20, 2014
When Deke takes Max to his place after a great first date, his "home" is nothing like she expected. Meanwhile, Caroline feels empowered - then scared for her life - after having a shady car towed from the front of their apartment building.
15 250px And the Icing on the Cake January 27, 2014
When Deke invites Max’s friends over for a gathering at his dumpster, Caroline learns an enormous secret about his background.
16 250px And the ATM February 3, 2014
Max decides to break up with Deke now that she knows about his wealthy background.
17 250px And the Married Man Sleepover February 24, 2014
Caroline asks Max and Deke to join her on her dinner date at Nicolas’s loft to help make sure she doesn’t do anything she might regret. Also, Max and Caroline treat themselves to very special hair appointments.
18 250px And the Near Death Experience March 3, 2014
Caroline goes into a tailspin and brings Max into the mix when Nicolas tells her he's going to leave his wife for her.
19 250px And the Kilt Trip March 17, 2014
Caroline tries to fit in with Max and the diner gang as they go out to get wild and crazy at the St. Patrick's Day parade, but finds herself longing to practice her former holiday traditions at the Plaza Hotel.
20 250px And the Not Broke Parents March 24, 2014
When Deke invites Max and Caroline to join him and his parents for dinner at their home, Max is tongue-tied until his mother confides in her about her secret past.
21 250px And the Wedding Cake Cake Cake April 14, 2014
Max and Caroline agree to make a wedding cake for a bride who can’t decide on what style of cake she wants – or much of anything else.
22 250px And the New Lease on Life April 21, 2014
When Max and Caroline find out the lease is up on their apartment, they’re forced to find the original tenant and have him re-sign, claiming he still lives there, or risk being evicted.
23 250px And the Free Money April 28, 2014
When Caroline and Max join Sophie at the racetrack as guests of Sophie's new bookie boyfriend, Caroline's reignited love for horse racing gets out of hand.
24 250px And the First Degree May 5, 2014
When Caroline discovers that Max didn’t graduate high school by failing to show up for only one exam, she decides to help her best friend get her degree – and reconnect with her estranged mother.

# Image Title Airdate
01 And the Reality Problem 1 And the Reality Problem October 27, 2014
A television producer approaches Max and Caroline about shooting an episode of a Kardashians’ reality show at their cupcake window.
02 2 Broke Girls And the DJ Face November 3, 2014
Max is embarrassed when she discovers her Tuesday night boyfriend is a DJ at a grocery chain.
03 2 Broke Girls And the Childhood Not Included November 10, 2014 
When Caroline accidentally loses Han’s expensive fish while cleaning the tank, Max considers selling a sentimental gift she just received from her mother in order to pay for a new one.
04 2 Broke Girls And the Old Bike Yarn Source November 17, 2014 
05 2 Broke Girls And the Brand Job Source November, 2014 Source
06 2 Broke Girls And the Model Apartment December 8, 2014 Source
Two models rent out Max and Caroline’s apartment for a girls’ weekend in order to have an authentic Williamsburg experience. Source
07 2 Broke Girls And a Loan for Christmas Source December, 2014 Source
08 2 Broke Girls TBA January 5, 2015 Source